About Us

Engine Hubs provides over 19 business spaces in Limerick City and County supporting you to network, expand and scale your businesses. We enable high-value sustainable jobs that have a positive impact on Limerick city and county. Engine Hubs was established by Innovate Limerick in 2021.

Our focus at Engine Hubs is to support employer growth and facilitate remote worker success across diverse sectors within Ireland’s Midwest. We open doors for exploration, innovation, and impactful collaborations across all business sectors.

Engine Hubs operates as a collaborative network offering hybrid working infrastructure for remote workers and business owners. We also provide comprehensive landing pad services for multinational companies seeking to establish or expand operations in the region. Our goal is to position Ireland’s Midwest as the preferred destination for living, working, and investing, fostering growth and opportunity in our vibrant community.

We are here to help individuals and businesses to connect, collaborate and grow across the region and beyond. Innovate Limerick was established by Limerick City and County Council to help drive innovation and act as the delivery mechanism for the projects outlined in the Limerick 2030 plan and the Limerick Regeneration implementation plans and others. Innovate Limerick’s aims to develop Limerick’s business ecosystem and position Limerick City and County as one of the most attractive locations to start and grow a business. Innovate Limerick provide a supportive environment that will facilitate and encourage higher levels of innovation.