Limerick’s infrastructure is tailored to support both companies and remote workers. Limerick boasts an infrastructure that supports inclusive and sustainable growth, expands markets, creates job opportunities, promotes competitions, and contributes to a cleaner future.

Limerick is investing over €1 billion in enterprise and investment infrastructure as part of the Limerick 2030 Vision, a 20 year action plan, which aims to transform Limerick through the economic, social and physical renaissance of Limerick City Centre and the wider Mid West Region.


Infrastructure improves lives by connecting people to opportunity.

Limerick City and County is well-connected, offering excellent transport options and infrastructure that enhance accessibility and connectivity.

Limerick is strategically positioned with efficient road networks, providing easy access to Dublin and Belfast along with neighbouring counties like Cork, Kerry, Clare, and Galway.

There is access to 3 major airports (Dublin, Cork and Shannon) with regular transatlantic, European and UK flights. Shannon Airport is only a 20 minute drive from Limerick and boasts car to gate in 30mins.

Shannon Foynes Port, Ireland’s Ireland’s deepest sheltered commercial harbour and largest bulk port company is only half an hour from Limerick city. Adjacent to the world’s busiest shipping routes, with current capacity to handle over 10 million tonnes annually, we are uniquely positioned to expand as an international cargo hub serving the domestic, European and worldwide markets.

Broadband connectivity is supplied to the region’s population with help from world-class fixed broadband service providers, ensuring reliable high-speed internet access for remote workers and businesses across the county, supporting innovation and digital collaboration. This comprehensive connectivity network reinforces Limerick’s appeal as a vibrant and accessible location for both living and working.

Additionally, the third-level institutions also serve as talent incubators, providing career development opportunities and fostering connections with locally based businesses for talent recruitment and professional advancement.


Limerick offers a diverse array of housing options, from tranquil rural settings to vibrant city living, catering to various preferences and budgets – all with a hub in close proximity to reduce your commute. Whether seeking affordability and space in the countryside or proximity to urban amenities, you will benefit from a range of housing choices tailored to your lifestyle needs.

Living in Limerick